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Your Future Is Needle-Free

Meet InsuJet, your needle-free solution for insulin therapy.

InsuJet TotalTherapy Subscription 3ml


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How InsuJet Works

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The ideal way to get started with needle-free insulin therapy, compatible with all U100 insulins.

Get Insulin Safely & Effectively

Experience our less invasive, safer, and more efficient insulin delivery system, starting with your first use.

Reuse Up To 5000x

One InsuJet injector can be used up to 5000x. More sustainable for you, and for the planet.

Live Needle-Free

Spend less time worrying about needles, and more time enjoying your life.

InsuJet VS Traditional
Needle Injections

Needle Injections

Delivers insulin without a needle


Faster acting

Better insulin absorption

Safer to use at home and in healthcare settings

Can be reused up to 5000x

Contributes to a greener future

What people say about InsuJet

  • "InsuJet has changed my life."

    "I chose InsuJet because I have diabetes type 1. At the beginning it was a little bit difficult for me to prepare the injection but then it has been easier and easier. InsuJet has changed my life. No more (needle) injections. It has many commodities.The accelerated onset of action of insulin means you don't have to wait for a long time to start eating.
    Maybe you think it's impossible that something can inject your insulin without needles but InsuJet can do it. If you are doubting I recommend you try it. No more (needle) injections and many advantages!"




  • "Insulin is absorbed faster."

    I found the InsuJet online while searching for insulin devices. I chose InsuJet because it relieves the pain of needles.

    InsuJet has helped me manage my insulin therapy. Insulin is absorbed faster. It accelerates the onset of action of insulin, and I no longer have to wait half an hour before eating.

    Mr. Bin



  • "The device is easy to transport and handle, even on trips or travels."

    " The absence of needle sharps definitely contributes to overal safety.

    The device is easy to transport and handle , even on trips or travels.

    The biggest benefit of the InsuJet is to be needle-free."

    Peter J.




Go Needle-Free

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